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Westchester Community College Or University, State Institution of brand new York.New Concept IX Guidelines.

Concept IX

Westchester neighborhood school standards and respects the self-worth off folk within people and affirms her to have got a good, nonthreatening, and well intentioned environment. The College does not have any tolerance for erectile misconduct and intimate brutality of any type, including sexual harassment, stalking, personal lover brutality, and intimate harm.

People users who have been or discover someone who has been recently the person of erotic violence, assault, harassment, stalking, domestic/dating brutality, or other kind of erotic misconduct should preferably prepare a study towards school. Males can find out available options to file a study. Unknown report tends to be approved.

People can inquire about stating suggestions or any concern related sexual assault response to the name IX supervisor at or at 914-606-6313.

Unique Concept IX Restrictions

The U.S.

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