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Our wonderful suite become wonderfully enhanced and take a seat on the earth carpet your gardener areas, all located in our personal outer architecture

We’ve got an array of spaces in our primary house along with exterior homes house our very own attractive landscaping suite each giving their style and pizzazz. We all also offer a variety of dog-friendly rooms well-equipped with almost everything your pet need for their trips, all of our bar has the benefit of lunch for canines way too! Emerge the attractive historical town of Tintern The passionate Hare is an ideal destination whilst exploring the geographic area offering a laid-back high class method to accommodation with excellent on-the-spot food and a deliciously appealing breakfast.

Beautiful Rooms

Each area opens up onto the untamed rose outdoors and will rest to three friends. With a cosy double and one bed in each room, walk-in shower curtains and our personal charming 100 Acres items at your disposal these rooms are actually a cosy and calming escape from the every day.

Our very own wonderful rooms start at A?105 every night, sleep & lunch

Fantastic areas

Our personal incredible room short-lived that, incredible! Placed on the floor floor of your external outdoor rooms these include roomy with super-king measurements beds, bathing with showers overhead and certain assist pet dogs also! Each space provides perfectly fragrant 100 Acres equipment to ensure that their be not thinks glamorous but scents they also!

Our very own fabulous areas start at A?115 per night, bed & break fast with a A?10 fee per nights for puppies.

Remarkable Room

Our great places need that higher snippet of high end, with fantastically huge bedrooms these are typically beautifully finished with a country-style experience best for those shopping for a non-urban get out.

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