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Predatory Payday Lenders Are Freely Gloating About Buying Impact from Trump

Of all of the ravenous economic predators in US society, payday loan providers could be probably the most shameless.

Their bread and butter is providing high-interest loans—typically a hundred or so dollars or less—to employees attempting to keep their minds above water, struggling to feed their children and keep their installment loans Oklahoma lights on. The good spin from loan providers is they truly are simply supplying a assisting hand, and all things considered, financial obligation can be as US as apple cake, right?

Well, sure. But there are numerous, numerous an incredible number of people—even in a seemingly sparkling economy—regularly facing monetary peril in the United States. Disproportionately, these are typically individuals of color, and disproportionately, payday loan providers revenue from the backs of perform customers, whom usually sign up for a fresh (incredibly high-interest) loan to cover back their old one in a vicious cycle of despair.

If nothing else, though, you must offer these loan providers credit: They understand buddy if they see one, and they’ve got a buddy in Donald Trump.

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