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Publicist’s tips and advice to single <a href="">Military Sites dating</a> starlets: Don’t go out John Mayer

Jessica Simpson’s relatives ‚horrified‘ by John Mayer’s Perez Hilton lip-lock

Perez Hilton remembers when he constructed with John Mayer in unique ebook

Scheana Shay states she was in a ‚throuple‘ with John Mayer, ‚mountains‘ alum Stacie Adams

John Mayer’s present individual “New light-weight” could possibly be a favorite — attaining #7 on Billboard’s Gorgeous stone audio data — but per insiders, he’s nevertheless an enormous miss among individual A-listers.

“i’d inform ladies in Entertainment to steer clear of him or her,” said one pop idol publicist. “He’s manipulative. They have a reputation . . . and it also’s simpler to training careful attention taking on anybody who kisses and tells.”

Little doubt Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston would consent. Both women dated the crooner, right now 40, only to be openly burnt as he consequently advised the media about their dating.

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