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How to locate rest that is true like a individual moms and dad, you-know-what this means is exhausted.

But God offers rest—not comfort that is just physical but rest for the heart.

See God’s plan that is surprising put an end to your own distress. You’ll explore:

  • Just How Lord lightly taken care of a unmarried mommy in the Bible
  • How Lord really wants to attend to your
  • What can keep you from going through God’s convenience

The Folk Lord Delivered You to Feel

Just How God makes it possible to get to be the greatest parent that is possible young kids.

Weighed Down

If you’re an individual moms and dad, you can probably relate:

“I can’t accomplish another day. We can’t do another moment, aside from a full day.” —Rob, unmarried father

“It can be really chaotic and busy, and quite often all i would like in the second happens to be solace and no more battling … Isn’t that fair?” —Julie, solitary mother

“I’m worn out. I’m sick and tired of life. We don’t figure out what accomplish that’s greatest for my personal kids.” —Lois, individual ma

Every morning we try to meet with the mental and real demands of the young children, frequently at the expense of your. You endeavor to often be a excellent parent, however the struggle to accomplish everything yourself should make it seem impossible. Can there be any probability of finding desire and rest?

A delicate Jesus

Hagar likely thought about the thing that is same. The book of Genesis inside the Bible describes the whole tale of Hagar, a servant in Abraham’s house. She had been a unmarried mummy exactly who had been betrayed thereafter banished to the desert.

Envision just how Hagar that is hopeless must felt and just wild while she and her daughter happened to be delivered away from their residence, with food and water strapped to their shoulders to survive the length of time?

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