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The problem is that my personal gf has a lot of sexual sin in her own history.


I’ve some, too, but from what we should get talked-about, hers is special and much more.

The way we wish cherish this wife, but really striving to handle our attitude about the history. I’m perhaps not angry at this lady, nevertheless when i believe about abstraction she gets through with additional men, I have this depressing, sick sensation inside my stomach.

She is affected with horrible shame and humiliation about her recent sins, and that I dont should make the really feel bad, but I’m questioning the way to get past personal attitude. Does one ask for resources? will we not consider they at all? have always been I bound to these feelings for a long time basically marry her? What’s the biblical technique me to manage this as a boyfriend as well as spouse?


Normally essential query, and (however) the challenge shows up most. Regrettably, there’s perhaps not a magic answer to managing the ideas your identify.

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